Our answers to your questions about our So Villas and about renting our houses

We accept payment by credit card: Visa and Mastercard.

We also accept payment by bank transfer.

American Express cards are not accepted.

Of course, all payments made on the so.villas website are secure. We use the 3D Secure 2 protocol which requires systematic authentication during payment.

Better known under its commercial names Visa Secure or Mastercard Identity Check, the 3D Secure 2 protocol aims to reduce fraud and strengthen the security of online payments. It is now the most secure protocol on the market.

No, our secure payment system does not allow you to pay with an American Express card. Visa and Mastercard are accepted, of course.

After checking that the information entered is correct, especially the CVV code, we have identified 3 main situations in which the payment fails:

  • The card used is an American Express. We do not accept this type of card. Please choose another payment method.
  • The 3D Secure 2 protocol has not been activated in your bank's application. However, we want to guarantee maximum security for all payments made on our site. Therefore, please activate this protocol via your bank's application or its website or contact your bank directly for assistance.
  • Your credit card limit is not sufficient to complete the payment. Try increasing the limit via your bank's application or choose another payment method.

Our So Villas are all equipped with a heated swimming pool, so that you can celebrate your moments with friends or colleagues.

Thanks to their swimming pools, the villas are the ideal place to celebrate your birthday, organize an off-site or an EVG at less than 2 hours from Paris.

We start the heat pumps of our pools in April and turn them off in October, with a target temperature of 26/28°C throughout this period.

However, depending on the weather conditions, they can be switched off if the temperature is below 12°C. Indeed, under these conditions, the heat pump, even running at full speed, would not allow the pool to heat (too much heat loss compared to the power developed by the pump). This would cause unnecessary energy expenditure to heat the birds. When the temperature falls below 12°C at night, the heat pump stops working and the pool has difficulty in reaching the 26/28°C target temperature that we set for it.

For the months of April and October, the best solution is to book our villas with indoor pool, at 26/28°C all year round, or our villas with Nordic bath, at 32°C all year round!


The outdoor pools are open from April to October, when we also launch our heat pumps. The temperature of these pools may vary depending on the weather conditions, as explained in the section above. The indoor pools are open all year round, and are at an ideal temperature of 26/28°C to allow you the best swimming, both in winter and in summer villas with indoor pools!

Our villas with Nordic bath, heated to 32°C all year round, will also satisfy you for winter (and even summer) bathing. !

The So Villas pools (indoor and outdoor) were built to celebrate with friends, colleagues or family in complete safety. They are therefore not very deep: 1m60 maximum.

In our So Villas, we also think of family parties and cousinades. Children are welcome: our pools are secured with an alarm and the covers can be closed. Don't hesitate to ask our steward/concierge for more information!

Check-in is between 5:00 and 8:00 p.m., any day of the week.

Check-out is until 11am Monday through Thursday, until 9am on Friday and until 6pm on Sunday (to let you party all the way!).

Our goal is simple: to make sure you have the best weekend ever! Also, we are quite flexible on check-in/check-out times, but you should always inform us in advance. You can read So Villas' terms and conditions HERE

Our basic booking price changes according to the season and the villas, and covers up to 16 guests. For more than 16 guests, an additional 25 euros per person per night is required.

We prepare the beds in advance, depending on the number of guests expected. Although you can add people until you arrive, it is best to let us know your rooming preferences a week before your arrival.

The deposit is a sum of money (1000€ or 2000€ depending on the size of the villas or the type of event) which is used to cover the repairs or restoration which would be necessary, following the departure of the tenants. It is a bank imprint via our partner SWIKLY

No, the sum of 1000€ or 2000€ is not debited from your bank account. At the end of your stay, following the inventory of fixtures, all or part of the deposit may be debited depending on the damage noted.

Before your stay, we provide you with a list of items found in our villas and the associated price in case of breakage. Everything is clearly stated! No surprise then! 🙂

You can book your So Villa directly on the so.villas website or request a quote at: contact@so.villas

Yes, availability is updated automatically.


Our So Villas have all been designed to be a great place to gather as a team! With family, friends, or colleagues, it is possible (even encouraged!) to dine and play together in the living/dining room (adding a garden table if needed) to celebrate a good time with friends and to celebrate an event.

It is also possible to eat and relax for up to 30 people outside on the terraces (in front of the pools, outside) thanks to the garden tables and chairs.

Our So Villas are equipped with board games (Uno, Monopoly, Blanc Manger Coco...), card games (poker, tarot...) and video games (Nintendo Switch and for some villas arcade terminals!). What to animate your evenings with friends and enjoy our house for a weekend less than 2 hours from Paris!

In all our villas, there is at least one bedroom and one bathroom on the first floor. Unfortunately they are not adapted for handicapped people.

No, smoking is not allowed inside the So Villas.

You can play petanque, ping-pong, soccer and volleyball in all the gardens of our So Villas! Balls, rackets and balls are provided. Some of our houses also have a sports court (five/urban type): the perfect place to wedge some small bridges to your buddies or colleagues, especially the one whose birthday or EVG it is! 😉 However, we can't guarantee that our balls are always in perfect condition, as it also depends on how previous groups have used them.

There are about ten deckchairs per villa, and at least one parasol.

Our villas can accommodate between 10 and 45 people. The Parisian cabins can accommodate 60 people.

Whether it's for a party or a seminar/off-site, all our villas are equipped with an ADSL wifi box, so you can stay connected and even telecommute.

Some of our houses are equipped with starlink, satellite internet with speed > 300MB/S. Perfect for seminars and off-site in the green countryside 😉

A good party often starts with a good dinner with friends! The kitchens are fully equipped to make good meals with friends: pots, dishes, pans... and dishes for 36 people! A BBQ is also available in all our villas, as well as a shaker and an ice machine for the rest of the evening 😉

The service is of the same quality in all our So Villas, for all our clients: whether it is for a team building weekend, an EVG or a birthday party, the household linen is always provided by us: sheets, pillowcases, bathroom mats, towels, as well as shower gel, shampoo and kitchen towels. We do not provide pool towels.

You can read So Villas' terms and conditions HERE

At So Villas, we think of both our clients who are working, on a seminar or an offsite less than 2 hours from Paris, but also of those who may have a difficult day after a party (for an anniversary in a villa, or an EVG).

So we installed 2 coffee machines in each villa:

  • a Nespresso
  • a classic filter machine

We leave it to you to bring your coffee and capsules.

Barbecue is essential for a good weekend with friends or a successful seminar / offsite! It is of course at your disposal in all our villas, however charcoal and firelighters are not provided, even if you may have some left over from previous stays.

Unfortunately, we do not have a high chair or a baby bed at the moment.

You can of course bring your own.

No disposable cups! The So Villas are suitable for all types of festive events, such as birthdays or EVGs. We equip them with stemware and unbreakable cups.

The concept of So Villas is to put you in the best conditions to celebrate your birthday, to celebrate an event, or to enjoy your EVG/EVJF with friends. Our villas are all equipped with a bluetooth speaker, allowing to animate a good evening between friends or colleagues. 

It is however forbidden to use the speakers outside (except for the following villas: Radar, Ricardiere, Etisseaux, Champs Corons). To recap: 

  • Indoors you can use the speaker intended for your parties, without any particular restriction as long as the doors and windows remain closed. The power of our speaker has been studied not to disturb the neighborhood and allow you to spend an excellent evening 🙂
  • Outside you can have lunch, a drink, dinner, enjoy the pool... but no music or microphones, day or night! The sound volume outside must be limited to 70 Db (noise of a passing car) in order not to disturb the neighbors.

You can read So Villas' terms and conditions HERE and our little study on noise HERE 

As far as indoor noise is concerned, as long as the windows and doors are closed, there are no real restrictions: you can make full use of the speakers we provide in the houses, and party at less than 110 decibels (which corresponds to a nightclub party!).

Regarding the noise outside the villas, although they are all isolated and located between 150 meters and 2km (yes yes 2km:)) from the first neighbors, the distance is not enough for any noise to be possible in the villas. HERE, we explain how it works and why there are still limits.

In some homes, those where there are no barriers (such as a thick wall or a forest) between you and the first neighbor, we ask that you keep the decibel level below 70 decibels at the house level, outdoors, day and night. This allows you to have lunch or dinner outside, as well as outdoor activities. However, outdoor microphones and speakers are not allowed. Except for the little JBL (not included) that will accompany your chill ambiences at the pool 🙂

This is particularly important for the following villas: La Bergerie, Ramenerie, Luigny and l'Ecottay. These villas are oriented towards the neighbors, without any obstacles to attenuate the noise. This is why it is necessary to be particularly careful.

You can read So Villas' terms and conditions HERE and our little study on noise HERE 

If you want to party outside in peace, we recommend the Radar villa, which is the most isolated and can accommodate a party of 30 people outside! Be careful not to overdo it either: it is not possible to organize a rave with 100 people ;). 

Please also check out our other villas: Ricardiere, Etisseaux, Champs Corons for example which have less restrictions in terms of noise outside the villas. Or consider our villas with indoor pools ( Ricardiere and Champs Corons) where reasonable sized speakers are accepted inside around the pool for your pool parties!

The concept of So Villas is to allow our clients to celebrate their event in a house less than 2 hours from Paris. All our villas are accessible by public transport (usually the TER), even if it is sometimes necessary to add travel time by car (up to 25 minutes) depending on the location of the villa.

Our So Villas are located in the countryside, far away from the houses so that you can have a good party and celebrate your birthday or EVJF without disturbing the neighborhood. Nevertheless, there is always a supermarket within 15-20 minutes by car in the neighboring towns, as well as a few shops (bakery, butcher, small grocery store...).

You will receive all the useful addresses as well as all our good plans before your arrival 🙂

Our villas are located less than 2 hours from Paris all over France, so there are unique activities around each house! Cultural visits, paintball, walks, karting, games, wine tasting ... Whether you are with friends, colleagues or family, there is everything you need to enjoy your weekend! Don't hesitate to ask us for information once you have booked your villa!

Yes, pets are allowed. We invite you to read our terms and conditions for more information.

Since 2022, Crazy Villas has launched its own concierge service! The goal is to make your life easier because we know that shopping for 30 people is often a real chore!

2 main services are offered:

  • You place an order in the supermarket closest to the villa. We take care of picking up your order at the drive-through! We leave your groceries in the kitchen and we fill the fridge with fresh products! So you can be sure to have a good cold beer when you arrive!
  • You have placed an order with a caterer and it is impossible for you to pick it up during opening hours? We can receive it for you in the house!

We can also help you to find providers: food-trucks, activities ...

Contact us directly to learn more: conciergerie@so.villas. Concierge service is available Monday through Friday from 10am to 7pm for any request 🙂

  • Pick up of your groceries in a drive near the villa : 100€.
  • Receipt of an order from a caterer: 50€.
  • The connection with local partners is 100% free and we do not take any commission on this service!

In light of the current health situation, we are reimbursing our customers for all cancelled reservations in the event of a national containment order.

You also have the choice to change your reservation for other dates, with the same conditions (same season, same price, same duration), keeping the balance paid.

In case of curfew, we are flexible on check-in/out times, so please let us know as soon as possible.

You can read So Villas' terms and conditions HERE

We ask you to respect, inside and outside of our houses, the barrier gestures: more information HERE

Our homes are completely private. However, COVID-19 does not distinguish between public and private areas.

We ask you to respect, inside and outside of our houses, the barrier gestures: more information HERE

To do so, nothing could be simpler: write to us via the contact form or by calling us at +33 1 76 38 10 04.
If you need us to issue an invoice on behalf of your company, it is imperative that you provide us with the following information BEFORE you arrive:
  • Name of the company
  • Billing Address
  • Siret number
  • VAT number

It is imperative that you provide us with this information BEFORE the date of your stay in the So Villa. If we do not have this information BEFORE your stay, it will be impossible for us to issue an invoice in the name of your company (the invoice would then be sent to the name and surname indicated at the time of the reservation).