Birthday house rental: the ideal solution for a successful party

Planning a birthday party can be a real headache. From venue selection to catering to guest accommodations, there are many elements to consider to ensure a successful event.

If you want to save yourself the hassle and have a successful party, renting a birthday house is the perfect solution! So Villas offers you to rent characterful villas that are fully equipped and designed to celebrate your birthday.

The advantages of renting a house for a birthday

Renting a house for a birthday party is an ideal solution if you are looking for space, privacy and flexibility. You are sure to make a lasting impression by offering an exclusive experience to all your guests!

An original idea

Renting a house for a birthday party is above all a particularly original idea that allows you to get off the beaten track. There is nothing better than choosing an unusual setting to organize a memorable birthday party and make a lasting impression on your loved ones.

More space to welcome your guests

Renting a house for your birthday party also means more space to comfortably accommodate a large group of people. There's no need to limit your guest list to the capacity of your apartment or house. By choosing to rent a villa for your birthday, you can invite work colleagues, friends and family all in one place. What could be better than sharing this event with all the people who really matter to you?

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Hosting your guests all night long

Another great advantage of renting a house for your birthday party is the possibility to accommodate your guests for the duration of the event. There is nothing like this to guarantee a successful evening where everyone can enjoy and relax in a warm and comfortable environment.

Your guests don't have to worry about where to sleep, finding a cab or having to drive after sharing a few drinks. The party-goers in your party will be thrilled to be able to celebrate your birthday until noon!

You can also choose to make the event even more memorable by renting a house for your birthday for an entire weekend. This way you can enjoy your guests to the fullest and create lasting memories by continuing the party for an entire weekend.

A more economical solution than renting a reception hall

Renting a house for your birthday is a more economical solution than renting a reception hall.

The cost of renting a villa is usually more affordable than most party venues. In addition, the house you rent to celebrate your birthday is fully equipped with all the facilities you need to make your party go smoothly.

Food and beverage costs are also more affordable when you choose to rent a house for your birthday party. You can do the catering yourself or hire the caterer of your choice.

Rent a house for a birthday weekend: Organize a memorable party with So Villas!

If you are interested in renting a house for a birthday weekend, So Villas is the ideal partner to help you organize an unforgettable party!

Villas with heated swimming pool and a maximum of activities near Paris and Lyon

Renting a house with So Villas is the guarantee to organize a birthday weekend out of the ordinary. All the villas available for rent offer a total change of scenery at only two hours drive from the capital. So Villas also offers 15 houses around Lyon. 

Our vision: to build villas with swimming pools less than 2 hours from Paris or less than 2 hours from Lyon!

Your guests will have no shortage of activities to do during this festive weekend! Heated pool, game room, petanque, soccer field, pool table, game consoles: the houses are planned and equipped for maximum fun with family and friends.

With So Villas, no bad surprises. We own our villas. This allows you to avoid paying unnecessary commissions and to avoid unpleasant surprises related to the deposit. Transparency is a must with clear terms and conditions of stay from the start. If you have any questions during your stay, we can be reached 24 hours a day via WhatsApp!

Ideal capacity for large groups of friends

Whether you're planning an intimate birthday party with just a few friends or the party of the year, So Villas offers characterful homes that can accommodate between 10 and 60 people.

You can choose the ideal city according to your desires and the number of guests of your choice. All the amenities are provided to offer a maximum of comfort to your guests: towels, bed linen, numerous bathrooms... Everyone will be able to enjoy a good night's rest in an individual bed to regain strength and continue the festivities.

Party without fear of disturbing the neighbors

Music is an essential ingredient to ensure the success of your birthday party. However, it is common to receive complaints from the neighborhood after a certain hour of the night. What could be worse to spoil a festive evening with friends?

With So Villas, you can enjoy your holiday weekend 100%, without worrying about disturbing the neighbors. All the houses for rent are isolated and strategically located more than 300 meters from the first neighbors.

House to rent for a birthday party: So Villas, the promise of a festive and friendly evening!

In addition to offering houses for rent for a birthday party or a weekend, So Villas offers various services to really enjoy your event.

Among these, we can cite:

  • Cleaning at the end of your birthday party,
  • Flexible on Sunday departure
  • Advice on transportation: the nearest train station, cab companies in the area, etc.
  • Organization of additional activities (wine tasting, paintball, Bubble soccer, etc.),