Airbnb evening: everything you need to know about the new regulations

Is it possible to have a party in an airbnb? If you too are asking yourself this question, like many people looking for a unique and original place to hold a party, this article may be of interest to you.

Airbnb, like many other similar platforms, has a very strict policy when it comes to organizing festive events for several people.

Find out all you need to know about the new regulations governing parties in airbnb. We also invite you to discover the So Villas concept for renting a party airbnb with heated pool just 2 hours from Paris and Lyon.

Airbnb for parties: the ban on partying in an airbnb

In August 2020, the Airbnb platform had announced a temporary ban on parties in all properties available for rent on their site. Since that announcement, Airbnb has seen a 44% decrease in party reports. For this reason, the ban has become a definitive Airbnb policy for all accommodations located in France, but also worldwide.

In the event of non-compliance with this prohibition, Airbnb reserves the right to delete a listing published by a host, or even cancel their account. Travelers also risk temporary suspension or permanent deletion of their account.

Rent an airbnb for a party: throw an incredible party with So Villas!

Fortunately, you can count on So Villas' unique house rental offer for a festive evening. Birthday parties, weddings, EVGs, EVJFs, get-togethers with friends: whatever type of event you want to organize, So Villas offers you a simple, practical and affordable way to get together and celebrate!

So Villas, the festive rental specialist

Unlike traditional apartment and house rental platforms, So Villas doesn't just offer you a place to spend an evening or a weekend.

So Villas is the specialist in festive rentals, offering you a wide range of villas for an evening of pure madness with family or friends!

Villas with heated pool

All rental villas feature a heated outdoor swimming pool, open from April to October. What could be better than a midnight swim to liven up an evening, or an invigorating dip the next day to get rid of a headache?

If you're planning a fiesta in winter, you can choose one of the villas with a year-round indoor pool at an ideal temperature of 26/28°.

Family birthday weekend: La Dancefloor and powerful sound system!

One of the essential elements of a successful party is the music. Here again, you can rely on the So Villas concept. Each house has a powerful sound system for listening to your favorite tunes, as well as a dancefloor for dancing the night away.

Of course, we ask you to use the sound system inside the villa with the windows and doors closed, to respect the neighbors.

If you want to organize a pool party with music outside, you can find a selection of villas for which there are fewer restrictions in terms of outdoor noise. The villa at Radarfor example, is the most secluded villa in our catalog, allowing you to party with a group of up to 30 people outside.

A lot of activities on site

By renting an airbnb for an evening with So Villas, you can enjoy a max of activities to do on site. Billiards, table soccer, card games, board games, video games, arcade terminals: each villa has a fully-equipped games room to liven up your evening!

Weather permitting, you can also take advantage of the many outdoor activities on offer in each of our villas. For example, you can play soccer, volleyball or pétanque in all the So Villas gardens! Accessories and equipment are provided for maximum enjoyment!

Airbnb evening: discover all the advantages with So Villas

Still not convinced? Then discover below all the other advantages of renting your airbnb soirée with So Villas.

Party without worrying about the neighborhood

One of the main advantages of our concept is that we can only offer you villas that are completely private and, above all, secluded. All our villas are ideally located between 150 meters and 2 km from the first neighbors.

In other words, you can party in peace without worrying about the neighbors! To avoid an unexpected visit from the police in the middle of your party, we've installed noise detectors in most of our villas. So we can warn you quickly when the noise gets too loud.

Homes designed for parties

Everything you need to party is already there! You don't need to spend hours arguing with your mates or family about who's bringing the Bluetooth speaker, drinks or blankets to spend the night.

From towels to bed linen to kitchen utensils, our villas are fully designed and equipped so that you can entertain all your guests comfortably, without any headaches.

No heavy cleaning at the end of your stay

Cleaning up after a big night out can be a real ordeal, especially if you've had a lot to drink. To spare you this chore the next day, we'll take care of cleaning up after you've gone!

High-capacity homes

Whether you're planning a birthday party with your family or a mega party with all your mates, you can find the perfect So Villa to comfortably accommodate all your guests!

Our catalog includes over 30 villas with capacities ranging from 26 to 62 people. It's important to note that when we say 30 people, we mean that each guest can enjoy a real single bed. No one will be spending the night on a sofa or deckchair by the pool.

Airbnb swimming pool birthday party: a selection of villas with swimming pool near Paris and Lyon

In addition to the many advantages listed above, our villas guarantee you a complete change of scenery, while being ideally located less than 2 hours by car from Paris and Lyon.

What's more, they're all accessible by public transport. If you'd like some advice on this point, you can contact us to find out about the nearest train station or cab companies in the area.