The story sovillas

From Crazy Voyages to Crazy Villas then SoVillas, we tell you our story!


Birth of Crazy Voyages, our travel agency dedicated to EVGs, parties, birthdays and stays with friends

After 7 years of organizing festive trips and exchanging with our clients, we decided to launch the first Crazy Villa because we understand that :


We are launching the first 4 Crazy Villas

Beyond the EVG and EVJF, our initial territory, we understand that there is no shortage of occasions to get together with friends, family or colleagues: 30th or 40th birthdays, cousinhoods, seminars, New Year's Day, Christmas, family celebrations, or a simple weekend with friends! 4 crazy Villas have been created:

The Radar
Les Etisseaux
The Ecottay


The different confinements reinforce the desire to get together! There is a growing desire to share good times together. The park of Crazy Villas is still growing!

Indoor swimming pools (Champs Corons and Ricardière) and basketball courts make their appearance and join the long list of facilities at Crazy Villas! 4 new homes are opened:

La Bergerie
La Ramènerie
Les Champs Corons
La Ricardière


Crazy Villas Park grows from 8 to 28 homes

3 major new features are introduced:

The villas
for 45 people
The baths
The beds
made to measure



Crazy Villas becomes So Villas!

the best place
to be together

To be continued ...