Unusual team building in Paris : Rent a villa with a pool between colleagues

You want to spend a memorable moment with your colleagues? Organize an unusual team building activity in a villa with a pool! An exceptional collective experience that is out of the ordinary. 

So Villas offers charming villa rentals for all your corporate events. Discover our selection of villas with heated swimming pools, games rooms and city stadiums, less than 2 hours from Paris. Out-of-the-ordinary locations for a team-building activity, a corporate evening, an afterwork, a seminar or an unforgettable cocktail party! Our character houses can accommodate up to 60 employees. Fully-equipped homes combining charm and comfort. A villa with swimming pool perfect for partying and disconnecting from work and meeting rooms!

On the program: crazy activities, fiesta, relaxation and good spirits! Book your team building with So Villas and enjoy an original and unusual experience with all your colleagues!

The importance of an unusual team building for the success of the company

Team building is a major event in the life of a company. It consists in organizing an event with all the employees. The team building which means "team building" has many beneficial effects on the organization and the life of the company. Zoom on the benefits of team building!

Strengthens cohesion and team spirit

The organization of an original team building promotes cohesion and team spirit. It allows to gather all the collaborators, to know each other better and to share a fun moment, far from the office. Team building activities motivate the group, strengthen the bonds, encourage communication and the active participation of all team members. Employees feel connected and involved. They come back to the office more motivated, more engaged and more productive. Team building can also reduce conflict and tension in the workplace.

The team building activity also offers to the employees a parenthesis of well-being and good mood. A group activity that allows to air the spirit and to discover the collaborators under a different light. Employees can relax and enjoy a warm and friendly moment.

Create a strong and positive corporate culture

Organizing an unusual team building event can help create a strong and positive corporate culture, which is essential to promote long-term business success and growth. Indeed, team building activities improve employee satisfaction and strengthen the company's reputation and brand.

An activity appreciated and expected by the employees, which contributes to the growth, success and reputation of the company.

Unusual team building near Paris: The advantages of a weekend in a magnificent villa with swimming pool!

Most team-building activities are similar: treasure hunts, escape games, olympiads... To get off the beaten track, go upmarket and surprise your employees, organize an unusual team-building activity in an exceptional villa for a day, an evening or even a weekend!

Out-of-the-ordinary places to decompress from everyday life

Renting a villa with a swimming pool is an original team building idea that allows you to get together in an exotic setting far from the office and meeting rooms! A place out of the ordinary, ideal for relaxing by a heated pool, far from the hustle and bustle of Paris. An environment conducive to relaxation and conviviality.

A villa to gather and party!

The privatized villa offers a perfect setting for partying and having fun! All team members enjoy a festive, friendly and warm atmosphere. The villa is also the best place to be together. It offers a friendly space that can facilitate interaction between team members. Common spaces such as the large living room, dining room and the huge outdoor terrace encourage people to gather and interact. Open, warm spaces that invite people to reach out to each other. A pleasant setting that allows team members to feel comfortable and relaxed. Employees get to know each other better, share their interests and communicate more easily. A change of scenery that breaks the ice, creates a bond and reduces employee stress.

A lot of activities for an unforgettable moment

The villa offers many team building activities such as sports competitions, barbecue evenings, petanque, soccer, volleyball, board games, table soccer or cooking classes, which can help strengthen team cohesion. Team activities that encourage collaboration and communication between employees. A perfect place for a convivial moment!

Original and festive Team Building near Paris: Trust So Villas for your corporate events!

So Villas, the specialist in villa and pool rentals, will help you organize your team-building extravaganza!

We offer you high end villas equipped with dancefloor and a powerful sound system for a memorable evening! Our houses are isolated, the first neighbors are more than 300 meters away! Fun houses that offer a large capacity, up to 60 participants and an optimal comfort with individual beds, several bathrooms and an equipped kitchen. Exceptional accommodation for corporate events. Fully equipped houses, thought out in the smallest details to achieve a maximum of group activities and relaxation. On the program: indoor and outdoor swimming pool, Nordic bath, relaxation area, sports ground, games room, billiards, poker, ping-pong, petanque ground, barbecue... All this less than 2 hours from Paris! A festive and friendly environment that encourages interaction between team members.

Tailor-made support for an incredible corporate event!