20-person weekend house rental: discover So Villas!

Any occasion is a good one for getting together with family and friends to share festive moments. However, it can be difficult to find a place that can comfortably accommodate a group of 20 people. Most of what's available can be summed up as poorly-equipped gîtes, hotels that offer no privacy, or overpriced luxury villas.

The solution? Rent a So Villas house! With its unique concept, So Villas is the partner you need to organize a festive group weekend in the best possible conditions.

Discover the many advantages of choosing So Villas to rent a 20-person house for a weekend of pure madness!

Villa rental for 20 people with swimming pool: the original So Villas concept

So Villas doesn't just offer you houses to rent for an evening or a weekend. Our unique concept lets you rent houses with swimming pools located less than two hours from Paris, privatized and fully equipped for parties with family and friends.

Fully equipped villa with heated pool less than 2 hours from Paris and Lyon

When you rent a house for a weekend for 20 people with So Villas, all your guests can easily get there, thanks to the strategic location of each of our villas. They are all less than two hours' drive from the capital or Lyon.

Our aim is to ensure that you and your guests enjoy an extraordinary weekend in a festive, intimate and friendly atmosphere. To achieve this, we offer fully equipped homes dedicated to fun. Heated swimming pool, soccer pitch, dancefloor, powerful sound system, pool table: all the ingredients are there in one place to guarantee the success of your weekend!

Private villas, away from the neighborhood

What could be better than getting together for a weekend of partying with friends in a privatized, out-of-the-way house? With So Villas, you're guaranteed 100% enjoyment of every moment.

All our villas available to rent for 20 people over a weekend are ideally located between 150 meters and 2 km from the first neighbors. In other words, you can listen to your favorite sounds inside the house and dance the night away with your guests.

Good deals and transparent prices

When you rent a house for 20 people for a weekend through So Villas, you're guaranteed a particularly affordable price. You can make the most of your weekend in a festive, atypical setting with a free mind.

We own our villas, which means you don't have to pay unnecessary commission to an external service provider. What's more, you don't have to worry about any problems with deposits. Our emphasis is on transparency, with clear rules that are communicated to you before your stay in the house of your choice.

Renting a house for a weekend with 20 people: any occasion is good for a party!

Whatever the occasion, renting a house for a weekend with 20 people is an original idea that offers maximum comfort and fun! From a memorable birthday party to an atypical team building event, you can easily meet your needs by renting a So Villas house.

A birthday party for 20

A birthday party should be celebrated with dignity in the company of loved ones. What better way to mark the occasion than by renting a house with a swimming pool for an entire weekend, in a convivial setting and festive atmosphere.

In addition to saving money compared to renting a traditional reception hall, you can accommodate all your guests comfortably thanks to the many beds available.

EVG or EVJF for a group of 20 people

Renting a house for 20 people for a weekend is also suitable for a stag or hen party.

We offer a selection of homes that have everything you need to organize a mega-shindig for the groom or groom-to-be: a powerful sound system, a dance floor, neighbors more than 500 meters away.

No need to worry about how your mates will get home at the end of the evening. Each participant can sleep comfortably in an individual bed to recharge their batteries for another day of fiesta!

Team Building

Team building is an important event for strengthening cohesion and communication within a company. Rather than opt for the traditional paintball game followed by dinner in a restaurant, renting a house for a weekend is an innovative and unusual idea.

If you want to create a new, stimulating atmosphere for your company's employees, So Villas homes are the ideal solution.

We have a selection of houses specifically designed for team building. These are easily accessible by public transport, and equipped with everything you need to make speeches and celebrate with your colleagues.

Weekend with friends

Why miss out on a chance to party with friends while waiting for a special event? If you want to enjoy a wild party in a fully-equipped villa just two hours' drive from Paris, So Villas makes it possible.

All you have to do is choose the ideal house according to your availability, the number of occupants and your desires in terms of on-site entertainment.

Renting a house for a weekend in Ile-de-France for 20 people: an original experience in togetherness

Still not convinced? Here's a summary of the good reasons to rent a house for 20 people for a weekend with So Villas:

  • Affordable prices, with no unpleasant deposit surprises,
  • Villas with swimming pools dedicated to parties 2 hours from Paris or Lyon, accommodating between 10 and 60 people,
  • Charming, fully-equipped homes (crockery, bedding, kitchen utensils, etc.),
  • One single bed per participant and numerous bathrooms,
  • Numerous outdoor activities: soccer pitch, pétanque, volleyball, heated swimming pool, etc,
  • Games room with table soccer, pool table, games consoles, etc,
  • Dance floor and powerful sound system to keep you entertained until the early hours of the morning,
  • No neighbors near the houses for maximum privacy and tranquility,
  • 24-hour assistance via WhatsApp to answer all your questions during your stay,
  • You can order your groceries before you arrive,
  • Etc.

So you can count on So Villas for an unforgettable experience to share with all your loved ones.