Villa EVG Airbnb: live a crazy experience with your friends!

A bachelor party is a great opportunity for the groom to get together with his closest friends and family members. Since this is his last weekend as a single man, the event has to live up to the hype!

If you've been entrusted with organizing the best EVG ever for one of your loved ones, you're probably lost when faced with the many things to plan for the big day. To help you in this mission, you can count on the unique concept proposed by So Villas!

Discover the many benefits of renting an EVG Airbnb villa with So Villas.

Villa Airbnb for bachelor parties: enjoy an unforgettable weekend before the wedding!

Bachelor parties are considered the ultimate opportunity to get together with friends and spend a weekend of pure madness. An event that every guy looks forward to as soon as a wedding is announced, it has to be epic.

Rather than organize a simple evening out on the town, opt for an Airbnb EVG villa rental for an unforgettable pre-wedding weekend!

Renting a private villa has the advantage of greatly simplifying your mission of organizing an EVG for a large group of people. Everything you need to entertain your group of friends until the end of the night... and sleep in.

EVG villa rental with pool 2 hours from Paris or Lyon: all the advantages

Are you hesitating between renting a villa, a gîte or several rooms in a hotel for an EVG? Here are some good reasons to opt for the first option when organizing a bachelor party.

Meet up with friends in a private area, without worrying about the neighbors

The main advantage of renting an Airbnb EVG villa is that you can enjoy a private location just for you and your friends.

When booking several rooms in a hotel, you need to bear in mind that there are other guests who won't tolerate the noise. You run the risk of being kicked out of the hotel or having the police visit you in the middle of the night. What could be worse to break the mood?

With your own villa for the duration of the weekend, you can crank up the sound and have fun until noon without worrying about the neighbors.

A large capacity of reception

Another advantage of renting a house for an EVG is its large capacity. This is especially true for large groups, for whom it's not always easy to find the ideal hotel.

You can easily find a villa with enough rooms to accommodate all the members of the group comfortably. Even if the main objective is to party, why not combine business with pleasure by opting for greater comfort.

Unbeatable value for money

Finally, renting a villa allows you to organize a unique weekend without having to spend a fortune.

The cost of renting a house is much lower than that of renting several hotel rooms for your whole gang. While the price per person for renting a house decreases with the number of participants, the price remains the same in a hotel.

What's more, you can freely fill the cupboards and fridge of your rental home with your own food and drink. You can enjoy all the benefits of a real nightclub, without paying astronomical sums for a simple beer or glass of champagne.

EVG villa rental Airbnb: organize a memorable event with So Villas!

If you want to make a lasting impression by organizing the stag party of the century, So Villas is the partner for you! We'll do everything we can to give you and your pals an epic weekend experience.

Villas designed and fully equipped for partying

All our villas are specifically designed and equipped for partying. Heated pool, soccer pitch, pool table, poker table, bar, dancefloor, ultra-powerful sound system: all the essentials for a crazy EVG are at your disposal.

You also don't need to bring your own cooking utensils, bedding or other equipment and accessories for a weekend stay. The villas are fully equipped for your comfort.

In other words, your only two missions are to get your mates together and stock up on drinks to last the weekend!

Tailor-made services to simplify organization

If you'd like to organize an exceptional event without getting in over your head, you can count on the availability and experience of the So Villas team in EVG organization.

For the duration of your stay, we're available 24 hours a day via WhatsApp or telephone. If you have any questions, or if you'd like to know what's going on in the area where you're staying, just get in touch with the team!

Some of the participants come by public transport? Don't worry. We'll help you plan their journey to the villa. If the whole group opts for this option, it's best to leave the shopping to us. Order a drive from the nearest supermarket and we'll pick it up and fill the fridge. As soon as you arrive in the villa, you can pop the champagne!

A whole host of activities to keep you entertained all weekend!

To keep you entertained all weekend, you can count on the indoor and outdoor facilities available in each of our villas.

Indoor activities

Although the indoor activities vary from villa to villa, each has its own playroom. In your villa, for example, you'll find :

  •       A pool table,
  •       Table soccer,
  •       A games console,
  •       A poker table with game case,
  •       Board games,
  •       An arcade terminal,
  •       A beer-pong table,
  •       A dance floor with a powerful sound system,
  •       Etc.

Outdoor activities

Weather permitting, you can also take advantage of our villas' magnificent outdoor spaces and enjoy outdoor activities such as :

  •       A pool party in the heated outdoor pool,
  •       A delicious barbecue,
  •       A 5-a-side soccer tournament,
  •       A basketball game,
  •       A game of volleyball or ping-pong,
  •       A walk in the middle of nature,
  •       Sunbathing on the terrace,
  •       Etc.

Don't hesitate to consult our different villas for more information on the activities available and choose the one that meets all your expectations!